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here is what members of the hold the throne program are saying

I feel like I have the magic touch now! I have manifested; my own jam session night (with over 150 attendees)

its really given me strength and helped me through, cant recommend it enough 🙂 


Most growth gurus just point to copy and paste systems or courses. Celina tailor teaches you how to make your entire brand and builds it from scratch, does all funnels and the execution happens side by side

Laura Brighton, Mooovers

Celina is a magician. I was following her on Inistagram, living my best like throug her for a while before joining. Love it. Now I’m going to travel and live my passion. 

Jessica B

I always wanted mentoring but i didn’t know who to ask or how to start. This process as easily and I was a bit worried I wouldn’t get in. Celina always talks about mindset so I didn’t know if she would work with me. I lack alot of confidence and I worried she’d be impatient. Fast track to now I’ve got my business website open, social medias running and we made our first sale already. Celina has been so patient with me so far, my anxiety can be high and crazy and I block myself from achieving my own goals. She’s here for you and it’s amazing to know that someone is rooting and boost you. 

Liyah M

I am happy and grateful to myself for having jumped on the opportunity to join, and am grateful that the team has put together such a brilliant system to aid others in eliminating their blocks to success.

Meet Celina

Meet Celina – expert in explosive growth in B2B and B2C in Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, Funnels and Queen of Email Marketing. 10 solid years experience working as CMO in the corporate sector while consulting over 25 companies to six and seven figure months!

I’ve spent the last decade working in business development; Branding and Advertising for myself and also 6 and 7 figure companies within the corporate sector.

Explosive growth and results are what matters. Over the years I’ve been able to formulate a strategy that works repeatedly.

I am a qualified teacher! I’ve taught Start Up Branding & Marketing in thousands of institutions in the UK and in New York, L.A., Toronto, Winhoek, Johannesburg, Lagos and Cape Town.

It needs to feel good.  I do this because I love to live, really enjoy life in abundance. So I obsess over funnels, strategies then create automations – all the while enjoying the results and being able to indulge in what matters; self growth, my loved ones and my hobbies.

I’m super excited to take you step by step through setting up a successful brand. We’re in this together, your success is my success so as a qualified teacher I geeked out on each lesson plan structure so as to provide you with a thorough understanding which will leave you feeling good, and ready to take action!

🤯 She’s been to over 100 countries!

Clients Include

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Got a question about the HOLD THE THRONE?

Our FAQ covers everything from payments, to what’s in the service, and information about how to cover the costs. If your question isn’t answered here then email support@holdthethrone.com

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie without a business AT ALL or if you have a business already and need to give it professional branding.

In theory you probably could, and as a keen learner I am an advocates for continuiously learning online and implementing new strategies (as long as they teach it properly!) however to learn all the information in a structured way, and all the toolkit and materials for free, would be really hard and would take hours of piecing bits of information together. Also, most of the information thats readily available is on the internet does not teach you personally or directly or ensure that you are understanding and doing everything correctly.

Companies and agencies charge in the high five figures for this, with medicore results.. just saying!

With a portfolio of over 15 businesses I have real-world experience from running successful businesses in a variety of sectors, within the service sector, B2B and e-commerce. With 8 years of experience I’ve taught at universities and in over 100 schools worldwide. Holding your hand throughout the entire process will really teach you the how to, so that you can repeate the process yourself.

To my knowledge, no other agency or company, let alone INDIVIDUAL can do it all. Which is something that I pride myself in – being a powerful business women, a marketing bully, and also fiercely tech savvy and certified on all platforms.

As soon as you buy you will receive an automated email scheduling a call. We will chat (free) about the strategy and then I will launch. It will take me 3 days to complete the branding from start to finish.

Yes u2013 I’m really passionate about empowering entire teams with the HOLD THE THRONE process. If 5 or more people at your company would like to be mentored and trained, then get in touch with cel@holdthethrone.com and we can tell you more about our special team pricing and certification.

There is one payment option which is to pay with Stripe. Read more about Stripe here

Minimum two days, maximum two weeks after everything has been set up.

You will see your sale in a minimum of two days or a maximum of two weeks. Infact I am so confident about this that I offer this within the money back guarentee promise.

The short answer – a month or two.

Earning $100k quickly depends on the price of your service of product and the marketing avenue we need to use to get there.

An E-Commerce product can earn $100k in the first month or two using social media advertising platforms.

A service, depending on the service can earn even more then that using email marketing based on a large list (which I teach how to get)





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