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live in person hands on "get-it-done" workshop

Take action on your business

"An Epic live in-person weekend workshop for founders with guaranteed results"

join us for the ultimate business weekender

Hold The Throne weekender is not just a great entreprenures classroom.

This is 100% results driven. The workshop teaches you how to finally succeed in business in branding and selling.

  • 80% practical (hands on, do the work)
  • 20% theory (learn the strategy, live demos) 

Then, catch your breath and learn all about new marketing innovations and strategies, so you can have the power, speed, and flexibility to scale your small or medium size business.

get comfortable while learning

Cosy bright venue with unlimited snacks, tea & coffee

get comfortable while learning

get comfortable while learning

connect with founders just like you

networking posibilities (but not required)

by the end of the weekend, you will have

Learn and implement in real time.

This means that every concern, issue or query you have ever had regarding your business growth, branding, advertising and marketing will be cleared over this weekend.

Hold The Throne 2022 is all about finally growing your business and hitting your goals

agenda at a glance

Hold the throne by cel

launch & scale weekend masterclass

learn all the skills you need to succeed in business consistently & explosively without overwhelm, burnout and failure cycles.

1-2 october 2022

london, uk

8-9 october 2022

manchester, uk

15-16 OCTOBER 2022

london, uk

22-23 OCTOBER 2022

edinburgh, uk

29-30 OCTOBER 2022

london, uk

5-6 november 2022

brussles, be

12-13 NOVEMBER 2022

los angeles, US

19-20 NOVEMBER 2022

washington, US

26-27 NOVEMBER 2022

london, uk

£249 / €299 / $299

we're fully qualified

We have the tools, resources and expertise to help you succeed. 

Got a question the workshop?

Our FAQ covers everything from payments, to what’s in the service, and information about how to cover the costs.
If your question isn’t answered here then chat to us now

If the event is cancelled due to external factors such as a natural disaster then the event will be relocated online.

Based on your business growth requirements, you will be seated with others who are also facing the same hurdles are you.

Each table is assigned a personal assistant who is a qualified instructor and who has the expertise to support you with every question.

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie without a business AT ALL or if you have a business already and need to give it a boost.

In theory you probably could, and as a keen learner I am an advocate for continuiously learning online and implementing new strategies (as long as they teach it properly!) however to learn all the information in a structured way, and all the toolkit and materials for free, would be really hard and would take hours of piecing bits of information together.

Also, most of the information thats readily available is on the internet does not teach you personally or directly or ensure that you are understanding and doing everything correctly.

Companies and agencies charge in the high five figures for this, with medicore results.. just saying!

With a portfolio of over 15 businesses I have real-world experience from running successful businesses in a variety of sectors, within the service sector, B2B and e-commerce.

With 8 years of experience teaching I’ve taught at universities and in over 100 schools worldwide. Holding your hand throughout the entire process will really teach you the how to, so that you can repeate the process yourself.

To my knowledge, no person who has left one of the workshops have ever scratched their head again. Which is something that I pride myself in – being able to get results LIVE, in-person so that you not only take your business to the next level, but express that AH HA moment.

As soon as you buy you will receive an automated email with your confirmation and your login details.

Yes, we’re really passionate about empowering entire teams with the HOLD THE THRONE process. If 5 or more people at your company would like to be mentored and trained, then get in touch with and we can tell you more about our special team pricing and certification.

There are two payment options which is to pay with Stripe or PayPal.

  • Read more about Stripe here
  • Read more about PayPal here

The point of Hold The Throne is to teach you how to get quality results in a short space of time. 

After you launch your campaign, you can see results as early as 20 minutes or maximum two weeks after everything has been set up* 

Results may vary in speed.

Infact I am so confident about this that I offer this within the money back guarantee promise.