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Get your affirmations right by PERSONALIZING every card and tremendously improve your self-worth.

We will write {{customer_first_name}} on every single affirmation card!

You will still receive the non personalised version instantly and your personalised pack will take at most 48 hours to arrive in your inbox, sometimes sooner. Our graphic designers work fast!

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Why Personalization?

Avoid Using Generalisations

WHO are you affirming for? Is it you? Your friend? Your neighbour? Make Your Statements as personal as possible by reinforcing that they are for YOU.

Makr It Concise And Specific

It's already your reality and that’s exactly how you have to talk to it for you by paraphasing your name into it.

apply them correctly

the effectiveness focused of affirmations has been scientifically proven countless times.

Customize your order increase your affirming power!


you still get the non personalised pack INSTANTLY

See what our customers are saying


I am happy and grateful to myself for having jumped on the opportunity to purchase these cards, and am grateful that the team has put together such a brilliant system to aid others in eliminating their blocks to success.


EXCELLENT, I read a page in the morning and every night before going to bed, it gets straight to the point and can incorporated into my morning even when I have very limited time. I’m a big fan of daily affirmations method of self growth because its quite subtle compared to most while still getting over a point, absolutely love this deck, its really given me strength and helped me through, cant recommend it enough 🙂


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