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Master profit driven advertising on Facebook & Instagram! Learn to thoroughly setup, create highly converting ads, and confidently launch, retarget, and scale.

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Tap into converting engagement solutions and creative, compelling ads to systematically and authentically connect with audiences around the world.
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Grow your business with professional, targeted, scalable ads

This is a comprehensive beginners to advanced advertising course that requires almost no learning curve and makes learning how to become a successful advertiser a fast and seamless experience.

Part 1. 06hs 37mins

Setup Business Manager without leaving anything behind

Thoroughly setup the backend, pixel, custom conversions, ios requirements, test and more including organising the creative hub and brand management. This step is cruicial to understanding the platform completely.

Part 2. 16hs 43mins

Launch. Everything In Detail That Includes (and then some)

While launching your ads into the stratosphere is the goal, we still have plenty to do. We’re going to explore the different ad types: lead gen & conversions. Create multiple high converting video ads, retargeting ads, audience research, clickable copywriting, test interest, explore winning strategies, analyze case studies, and much much more! 

Part 3. 11hs 14mins

Scaling & Retargeting For Explosive Growth

Explosive profit on Facebook & Instagram ads come through scaling and retargeting. You’ll learn which audiences work best, how to create custom audiences, how to create lookalike audiences, how to ADVERTISE uniquely to these audiences, how to avoid ad fatique, build a list, set up a group and scale budgets without damaging the ads. 





1.1 Introduction To Facebook Ads
07 min
1.2 Case Study – Toy Shop



2.1 Facebook Page
2.2 Facebook Business Manager
2.3 Brand Safety
2.4 Facebook Pixel
2.5 Conversions API
2.6 Custom Conversion
2.7 iOS
2.8 Testing The Pixel
2.9 Verifying Domain
2.10 Verifying Business
2.11 Target ROAS Goal Setting
2.12 Exploring The Facebook Ads Calculator (FREE TOOL)
2.13 Integrations
2.14 Instagram Linking
2.15 How To Organise Your Media In Creative Hub
2.16 Creating High-Converting Photo Ads
2.17 Creating High-Converting Video Ads
2.18 Writing Compelling Ad Copy
2.19 Key Terminology
2.20 Ad Scent


16hs 43mins

3.1 Campaign Structures
3.2 Naming Conventions
3.3 Setting Target ROAS
3.4 Organising Your Columns
3.5 Types of Ads
3.6 Best Ads For Your Business
3.7 Offer Ads
3.8 Conversion Ads
3.9 Dynamic Ads & Collection Ads
3.10 Lead Generation Ads
3.11 Split Testing
3.12 Facebook Interests
3.13 Demographics
3.14 Placements
3.15 Budgets
3.16 Types of Strategies
3.17 Testing Strategies That Work
3.18 Creating The Ad
3.19 Adding Custom Domain Tracking
3.20 Reviewing The Launch Setup
3.21 Launching
3.22 Facebook Power Editor


11hs 14mins

4.1 Facebook Dashboard Setup
4.2 Analyzing Your Ads
4.3 Trimming The Fat
4.4 Custom Audiences
4.5 Lookalike Audiences
4.6 Continuous Improvement
4.7 Troubleshooing
4.8 Metrics To Look At
4.9 Common Advertising Mistakes



Vinces Winery joined the course on  Septmember 3  2021. 

Results recorded on October 4th


  • 5.7 ROAS on $500/day budget
  • 30 booking reservations
  • $120,090 in sales
  • 1482 orders placed on their website

  • 30 wine club sign ups

  • 331 reservations booked

  • 26,741 mailing list sign ups.

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Okay guys, buckle up because we’re talking numbers now.

Vinces Winery is getting a 5.6 ROAS. They currently spend $700 on ads a day and make $3,980, give or take – every day.

So think about it…

When Liyah (the Maketing Manager at Vinces Winery) bought this course for just $497, she implemted and saw results within 2 days. 10 days later she launched her retargeting campaign and, well – they got $120k+ in sales.

What would that mean for you?


Meet your instructor

Meet Celina – expert in explosive growth in B2B and B2C in Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, Funnels and Queen of Email Marketing. 10 solid years experience working as CMO in the corporate sector while consulting over 25 companies to six and seven figure months!

I’ve spent the last decade working in business development; Branding, Advertising and Marketing for myself and also 6 and 7 figure companies within the corporate sector.

Explosive growth and results are what matters. Over the years I’ve been able to formulate a strategy that works repeatedly.

I am a qualified teacher! I’ve taught Start Up Branding & Marketing in thousands of institutions in the UK and in New York, L.A., Toronto, Winhoek, Johannesburg, Lagos and Cape Town.

It needs to feel good.  I do this because I love to live and really enjoy life in abundance. So I obsess over funnels and strategies then create automations – all the while enjoying the results and being able to indulge in what matters; self growth, my loved ones and my hobbies.

I’m super excited to take you step by step through setting up high converting campaigns for your brand.

We’re in this together, your success is my success so as a qualified teacher I geeked out on each lesson plan structure so as to provide you with a thorough understanding which will leave you feeling good, and ready to take action!

🤯 She’s been to over 100 countries!

Clients Include

Taught at

Who is this for?

Our platform is inclusive to all individuals regardless of race, gender, sexuality or religion. 

  • E-Comm Stores
  • Dropshippers
  • Print on demand
  • Amazon FBA
  • Clickbank Marketers
  • Musicians
  • Artists
  • Coaches
  • Personal Trainers
  • Mentors

All Services (including but not limited to)

  • Restaurant & Bar Owners
  • Dentist Practices
  • Doctors
  • Schools
  • Recruitment Agencies
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Corporations
  • Agencies
  • Musicians
  • Artists
  • Influencers
  • Podcasters
  • Youtubers
  • Bloggers
  • Entertainers

Extraordinary knowledge, epic skillset

This ultimate course has sections for the most used creative tools and website builders so anybody, no matter what platform you use can start today. Including making use of templates just for you.

It's The Results That Matter

Results are the only thing that matter when executing advertising and marketing strategies. Students  use HOLD THE THRONE to boost conversions and engage prospective customer with powerful advertising experiences.

400+ Brands & Businesses Onboard

Over 400 businesses and brands have joined Celina’s HOLD THE THRONE, Facebook Advertising Course and seen some exceptional results!


By Joining Today You (Also) Receive 8 Free Exclusive Bonuses

By Joining Today You (Also) Receive 250 Free Ad Template Bonuses

200+ Ad Creative Templates

Professional Workflows

Launch successful Facebook & Instagram Ads 


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HOLD THE THRONE tripple 100% Moneyback Guarantee

If you engage in any of the HOLD THE THRONE courses and don’t get your brand in 3 days, then you can get a 100% refund. I’ve been fine-tuning HOLD THE THRONE for eight years and run it with the biggest brands and influencers in the world.

If partaking in the HOLD THE THRONE courses take your biz to the next level and it doesn’t increase your sales or traffic… Just let me know and we will give you a full refund. This is designed to fast track your way to success without having to worry about the things you can’t do.

Taught in universities and schools successfully I understand how to achieve great results. If executing HOLD THE THRONE doesn’t sky rocket your business – then I recommend you ask for a refund.

This is how confident I am in my skills! If any of these promises are not met, just contact me within 30 days and you’ll get a full refund.









TOTAL: $594.30

Got a question about the HOLD THE THRONE?

Our FAQ covers everything from payments, to what’s in the service, and information about how to cover the costs. If your question isn’t answered here then email

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie without a business AT ALL or if you have a business already and need to give it professional ads.

In theory you probably could, and as a keen learner I am an advocates for continuiously learning online and implementing new strategies (as long as they teach it properly!) however to learn all the information in a structured way, and all the toolkit and materials for free, would be really hard and would take hours of piecing bits of information together. Also, most of the information thats readily available is on the internet does not teach you personally or directly or ensure that you are understanding and doing everything correctly.

Companies and agencies charge in the high five figures for this, with medicore results.. just saying!

With a portfolio of over 15 businesses I have real-world experience from running successful businesses in a variety of sectors, within the service sector, B2B and e-commerce. With 8 years of experience I’ve taught at universities and in over 100 schools worldwide. Holding your hand throughout the entire process will really teach you the how to, so that you can repeate the process yourself.

To my knowledge, no other agency or company, let alone INDIVIDUAL can do it all. Which is something that I pride myself in – being a powerful business women, a marketing bully, and also fiercely tech savvy and certified on all platforms.

As soon as you buy you will receive an automated email with your login details for instant access.

Yes, I’m really passionate about empowering entire teams with the HOLD THE THRONE process. If 5 or more people at your company would like to be mentored and trained, then get in touch with and we can tell you more about our special team pricing and certification.

There is one payment option which is to pay with Stripe. Read more about Stripe here

Minimum 3 hours, maximum two weeks after everything has been set up.

You will see your sale in a minimum of two days or a maximum of two weeks. Infact I am so confident about this that I offer this within the money back guarentee promise.

The short answer – a month or two.

Earning $100k quickly depends on the price of your service of product and the marketing avenue we need to use to get there.

An E-Commerce product can earn $100k in the first month or two using social media advertising platforms.

A service, depending on the service can earn even more then that using email marketing based on a large list (which I teach how to get)

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