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Thanks for your interest.

To ensure my coaching delivers the value I promise, I limit submissions to about 12 people a month.

This means there will always be time to focus on improving your business. This means that we WILL achieve your goals and more in a short space of time.

It also means I rarely have more than 2 open seats.  83% of the people who are on my coaching program stay with me for 2 or more years.

My members are successful entrepreneurs.  They attend my coaching because it helps them become even more successful.

It takes most people about 6 minutes to answer the questions below.

Your answers:

  1. Help me get to know a little bit about you and your business, and
  2. Save us all a lot of time when we get on the phone to chat.

Because I can’t afford to spend time on the phone asking these basic questions, we only schedule phone calls with people who are serious enough about joining to complete this page.

I won’t share your answers with anyone. 

As soon as you finish this page, my assistant will arrange that phone call between us.

That’s where we’ll answer every question you have and share all the details.

After that call, you will know what you need to make the decision to join the coaching. Or if this mastermind is not what you’re looking for.

If I don’t think you’re a good fit for us at this time, I’ll let you know on our call.

Having a 6- or 7-figure business is not a requirement. I’m open to filling a seat or two with an enthusiastic rookie or a start-up CEO.

Years of running this program has proven to me that even the most grizzled, veteran business owner can learn something from a hustling, quick-to-implement, budding entrepreneur.

Looking forward to talking and meeting face-to-face.


P.S. – Please answer these questions honestly.

In the past 12 months, what was the gross revenue of your business(es)? If you have more than one biz, please give us the approximate total of all of them. If you're still holding down a job while you build up your business, please do not include any salary you were paid. I need to know where you stand as an entrepreneur right now.
In just a few sentences, please tell me what you think you want to get out of this meeting. What are your objectives for the next 12+ months? How do you see this meeting helping you reach them?

What's this going to cost?

We'll talk about the price on the phone. It's probably less than you think, but it's not cheap. A full day of consulting with me, plus personal input on your marketing strategies and website copy from some of the world's top direct response copywriters and marketers, easily runs in the $5,000-range. My done for you service runs into the $42,000 mark.

I promise you that attending your monthly coaching, including 200+ bonus resources, templates and workbooks, will cost you nothing near that.
For now, I need to know that investing a few thousand dollars in yourself and your business won't cause you to freak out. That you can afford this without creating undue mental or financial stress.

This is an opportunity for serious business owners & entrepreneurs.
So the question is simple -- Can you afford something like this?
That's all for now.

Look for an email in your inbox. Reply to that so we can schedule a time to talk ASAP.

I am focused on inviting a few highly motivated small business owners to this meeting.

Talk soon,


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